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Karate For Kids

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Age specific Karate for Kids in Vancouver

When it comes to Karate for kids in Vancouver we understand the importance of offering Age-Specific Programs specifically designed to match the capabilities of kids at different stages of their development. We understand young children need to have 'fun' in their training, so have packed our classes with fun exercises that are educational and challenging enough to transform any average kid into a 'super kid'. Our Karate for kids program revolves around mainly 4 areas:

1: Self defense

-- for personal protection and self confidence

2: Athleticism and Fitness

-- to improve over-all fitness, build confidence, and excel in not only in martial arts but also in other sports

3: Basic skills of Karate for Kids

-- To develop strong technique and flawless performance

4: Life skills and Character development

-- Addressing self discipline, Self control, Goal setting, and more. To develop a strong character with good manners and attitude towards life and training

Adult Martial Arts in Vancouver

Our adult martial arts classes in Vancouver are packed with challenging and fun content that will never get boring. Following a rotating schedule focus of each week changes from week to week, mainly focused on 4 main areas:

1: Basic Martial Arts Skills & Fitness

-- for fitness and strong technical performance

2: Advanced Karate - Black Belt Curriculum:

-- Sparring skills and Advanced Self defense

3: Fitness Kickboxing

-- For fitness and sparring skills

4: Self defense

-- for everyday safety, and to build confidence, with a realistic approach towards self defense in Vancouver - delivered in a fun relaxed atmosphere

5: Life skills

With this unique blend when it comes to fitness and adult martial arts in Vancouver, you need to look no further!

Take one of our programs on a test-drive with a FREE CLASS.


I didn't know much about karate when I started... I wanted some kind of workout to get in shape. Amazingly, lost over 25 pounds in only 3 months and feel so much more confident too. I am so glad I found the PH.-KEN M.

The instructors here are amazing! dedicated and totally into what they do. They provide individualized attention and teach skills I never thought I would be able to do! I never thought karate could be such a fun challenge. I love my new Way of Life.-Sarah M.

The Powerhouse has turned my kids around!! better manners was the first thing I noticed after only a few weeks and then Fitness. They sure know how to teach discipline, while offering fun classes that my kids always look forward to.-Jenn Murray