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Advanced Martial Arts in Vancouver 

For world class martial arts classes in Vancouver you've landed on the right website!

What does it take to make a Strong Athlete out of YOU?

that's what we think about at the Powerhouse, every day





Our Family Martial Arts classes are quickly becoming our area's most sought after extra-curricular activity for families for a few very important reasons:

1) You'll be blown away by our High-Energy, Educational classes!
Our Karate for kids classes in Vancouver are packed with fun and educational content that will transform any kid into a 'super kid'. 

2) Our classes are specifically designed and taught to allow students to learn and grow at their own pace; they'll benefit from the group dynamic, but still be treated as individuals.

3) Our program is Character-Focused. That means that while we love to teach kicking and punching, these martial arts techniques are really just a fun, useful way to instill Character Traits and Life Skills like Respect, Discipline, Focus and Responsibility

4) The benefits carry on forever. Unlike traditional sports (Football, Volleyball, Baseball), karate is a healthy activity that your family can carry with them well into their 60's and even 70's!

5) Our adult martial arts classes in Vancouver are packed with exciting and challenging content that never get boring. Following a rotating schedule focus of each week changes from week to week, mainly focused 4 major areas, Karate Basics Skills and Fitness kickboxing, Sparring Skills and Sport Karate, Kata applications and everyday self defense. You may take part in one, two types of classes, or you may wish to attend all combined for best results.   

If you've already signed up for a free class, we'll contact you soon to set up your Trial Classes. If you haven't signed up, that's your first step, so you can see what program is right for your family, or yourself. Th trial classes will give you an opportunity to ensure that what we teach is beneficial.
From the whole staff, we are VERY excited to meet you!