Q) When will the dojo re-open?  
A) After most of the population are vaccinated for Covid-19

Q) What style of Karate is taught at The Powerhouse?

A) JKA. Shotokan style

Q) Is there fitness kickboxing classes also offered? 
A) Yes. For those focused mainly on the fitness aspect of martial arts

Q) Is there any classes online?

A) Yes, we do have classes online - at this time Mondays and Wednesdays (for class types and times please contact us)

Q) How often does the average student attend class?  

A) 1-3 sessions/wk.  Planning to start with 2 classes a week would be great

Q) Do I have to enroll in a black belt program and commit for long terms?

A) No. It's up to you what goals you set for yourself, but you are encouraged to think long-term


Q) From what age can students join?
A) 4 years


Q) Can I try a class or two before joining?

A) Yes, by all means. Your registration is never final until you complete a trial program (2-4 weeks) 

Q) what is the best way to get started?

A) simply contact us by phone or email, and let us know who the classes will be for. (what age) ​and we will take you from there

email: powerhouseoffice@gmail.com

Tel: 604-812-3656